Rules Summary (Mitchell Minor Soccer Ontario)

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Intercounty Soccer League --- Rules Summary

Code of Conduct--The Referee has absolute authority. Players, coaches and parents must show due respect and may be taken out of the game at the Referee’s discretion.

**NO Profanity No Smoking No Vaping No Alcohol**

Equipment -- All players must wear shin pads with socks that cover the shin pad entirely. Same colour shirts

▪ Absolutely NO Jewelry is allowed NO Metal Cleats NO Casts (Hard or Soft)

ALL GAME START TIMES ARE 7PM with Exception to U21 Cup Games Starting at 6:30 PM

Weather Conditions:

Home team ONLY cancels games due to Weather

U9 to U13 Please CALL Opposition to cancel for weather or field conditions 2 Hrs before game start time, then Call to cancel the Referee- see your contact list

U15 and older must cancel 24hrs before the game because of field conditions or you must pay the referee.
Rain or lightning may delay game; both teams must wait at least 15 minutes after the last lightening flash before resuming play in the game

Substitutions may be made:

1. By Either team at a goal kick
2. After a Goal by either team prior to lining up at centre
3. A throw-in – only if the team with the possession of the ball requests to make a substitution.
4. Player is injured, a substitution may be made for the injured player only.
5. NO substitutions during the last 2 minutes of each half

Faulty Throw-In: U7 and U 9 are allowed 1 re-take, with an explanation from the Referee; otherwise the ball is turned over to the other team for a throw-in

Offside: Offside Position If: Players Body, head or feet is past the second last defender (usually but not always a goalie and 1 defender) at the time the ball is kicked in the opposing end.

>Player is only penalized if they become involved in the play (Referee’s Discretion)
>Player is not Offside: during a Throw-In or a corner kick, or Goal Kick

Handball: anytime the hand or arm touches the ball and interferes with the play.

Goal Kicks must leave the penalty area before it can be touched by either team.

Goalie cannot pick up a pass from his/her own team unless it was headed.

Benches**Home team’s bench (players) is on one side, and visiting team’s bench (players) on opposite diagonals. Home team selects field position

For U-9 and U 11 ONLY- 9 Players per side (8 plus a goalie) Maximum 7 Boys

Retreat Line: *** NEW 2016****

Once the Goalie has possession of the ball (In hand or goal kick)

All the offensive players must retreat past a line halfway from the penalty box to centre line

Until: An opponent other than the goalie (or person taking goal kick) has touched the ball.

Or: That defender has had control of the ball for 3 seconds but not touched or played the ball.

U13 and Over- 11 players per side ---Maximum 8 Boys-------No Retreat Line

U9-U13 --- All centers are to provide their own flags people (parents) to provide the referee help with out of bounds

– There will be NO slide tackling or side tackling.

***NEW*** U9-U17

At a 5 goal spread the winning team will take off a player, starting with a boy then girl. Then every extra 2 goals they are to take off another player. Rule of maximum number of boys on the field still applies. This will encompass divisions 9U thru to and including 17U


Game Sheets Filled out by both teams, completed and signed by the ref. 1 copy kept by both teams for game history.

A balanced schedule will be played and game stats will be kept. Referees will text after games to -Darlene Vanbakel - 226-880-2115- the Game Winner of the game only.

Example Text--- G # 10 – KINKORA 5-0 (ONLY SAY 1 TEAM NOT 2) when reporting who won.

Referees will report all (yellow / red) cards to the league convener the night of the game by email. – [email protected] – We will need – game number / color or card / player’s number / player’s name / center. All you need to say.

Example Email--- G # 21 – 10 / YELLOW CARD / # 10 / KEVIN THOMSON / PLATTSVILLE.

*Any centre ‘Cancelling a Game’ with less than 24 hours’ notice will be responsible for 100% of referee costs.*

*Full Inter County Constitution and Game Rules are available through your Centre’s Convener *

Spirit of Play: Always keep in mind, when communicating to others; coaches, players, parents and fans the true value of sportsmanship